My 2017 Planting Season

January 2017 Planting Season

So a new season begins. The 2017 planting season actually began in January when I was perusing seed catalogs. I drew diagrams of existing garden beds and new ones I wanted to build. I listed the vegetables I liked the most. I plan to plant more of those and less of the ones I just like to grow, but not so much to eat.

I thought about adding butterfly and bee gardens, and adding a small dedicated herb garden

February 2017

In February we had 2 weeks of unseasonably warm weather, some days in the 70s. I could not resist. I got out my left over seeds from last season and started planting. In the keyhole garden I put mustard greens, turnips, beets, 2 kinds of radishes, carrots and sweet peas. I did not water them. I will let them decide when to come up. 

March 2017

No baby plants yet.

Last week I went to the garden store and purchased 6 broccoli starts, 4 kale starts, and 3 pounds of seed potatoes. They are in the ground. 

I also brought home 4 bags of top soil for starting a new garden bed. Lettuce and spinach will go in there this week.

I bought 2 bags of peat for refreshing old flower beds.

On the last day of winter, March 19, it was 90 degrees! Then the cold hit. There was a week of really cold weather. A little snow, but still no rain. No plants showing yet. March 31, still no plants.

I planted lettuce in my new garden bag bed. I also planted that butterfly and bee garden with free seeds from the Topeka Garden Show. I just put both packets in the same bed. Do you suppose the bees and butterflies will mind sharing?

April 2017

The first week of April it rained--and rained--and rained. There they are!  At the end of the first week we had a frost. The little darlings paid no attention. They just kept growing.

By the end of April everything is growing.

Volunteer chives, basil, and oregano reappeared from last years crop. The chives are blooming

I built a new bag garden, this time using 6 bags of soil.

These are my garden beds at the end of April. At the top of the photo is the keyhole garden.

The keyhole has mustard greens, turnips, radishes, beets and sweet peas.

The top raised bed is planted with potatoes and the next one has broccoli, kale and garlic. The new bed has lettuce, already up, and corn and okra.

Something is up in the butterfly and bee garden, but I can't tell flowers from weeds at this point. 

I would say the 2017 planting season is coming along nicely.

May 2017

My backyard garden is loving the periods of rain and sun. I harvested broccoli and planted okra. (A southern girl can't have too much okra.)

The tomato cages in the keyhole garden (right) are for the pole beans to climb on. I just stuck little dried branches in the dirt for the sweet peas to cling to.

The two new bags (below) are planted with herbs and flowers. Pots of date palms (long story!), lavender, and oregano are in the corner joining the two. Next year it will be an L-shaped bed.

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