The Small Space Container Garden  

Why would you want to plant a container garden?

  • You have absolutely no room for traditional gardens, raised or flat. 
  • You have only a patio or deck, or a  very tiny backyard.
  • Your soil is mostly clay or sand.
  • You can plant, weed, and harvest in your spare time.

To get started, decide where you will put the containers. 

  • A large square container can hold a mini-garden of leafy greens, such as spinach, lettuce, or collards. 
  • Two more might be just right for radishes and little green onions.

Groups of 3 or 4 pots can be tucked into a rock bed or along the driveway. Put some on the front porch or along the foundation of your house or garage. Just make sure that your plants will get plenty of sunshine, at least 6 hours. More is better.

You could put legs on wooden boxes for the convenience of not having to bend down. This is an easy solution for the disabled, as gardening can be done without bending or from a wheel chair.

My son built bleachers in his backyard.  He used all sizes of pots, boxes, and other containers, leaving room to step between the pots to reach the ones on top. A bountiful garden can be harvested this way.

No Pots? You can plant in anything. Try putting soil in a soft grocery bag. This one is planted with a mixture of spring leaf lettuce.

Remember that pot size regulates growth size.

  • Use a large pot for each tomato plant and each cabbage plant

Arrange some pots on porch steps.  Hang small pots on a frame and lean it against the fence.

  • Use a medium pot for each eggplant and each pepper plant

Small pots could be suitable for herbs.

Vine plants such as cucumbers, squash, watermelons and cantaloupes can be put in medium to large containers and let run over the ground wherever they please

Re-purpose old wheelbarrows, trash containers, coffee cans.

You will need to water container gardens more often than those growing in the ground, but you will spend much less time doing it.

After arranging your pots, fill them with good soil. You can make your own or buy bags from the garden store.

Share your container photos.

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