Kali's Cute Little Kansas Garden

Kali Bayles lives in a 120 year old house in a small town in southeast Kansas. She has a little raised bed that is lush with plants. She writes: i have had a compost box for a couple years outside my kitchen window. Last fall we bought a big orange pumpkin to decorate the porch. It stayed pretty up until it froze. I threw the frozen pumpkin into the compost box in the early winter. I turned it a few times in the spring, and then I put the compost contents mixed with chicken coop soil in a raised garden around March or April. There were peppers and random other veggies growing, but the pumpkins have overtaken everything. I have wanted a pumpkin patch since I had one as a child. Now people even drive by and park in front of my house to look at the pumpkins and chickens.

We feed the chickens cracked corn mainly, but they also get lots of scraps. They eat whatever they run across in the yard. In the winter, i put cracked corn and scraps in the slow cooker for the chickens. When it is cold, they love something warm and soft. It also keeps them more hydrated and the dogs enjoy it too!

This was Kali's pumpkin vine in late May. Below is the same vine in mid-July.

Chickens in Kali's Kansas Garden

Chickens are a useful addition to Kali's Kansas garden. They can be fed scraps and they give you back fertilizer. They eat bugs the are intent on eating your crop. Then there are nutritious, organic eggs. And baby chicks are so adorable.

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