Make An Easy Potting Soil Bag Garden

The potting soil bag garden is the wash-and-wear of growing vegetables!  

  • No digging.
  • No removing  grass.
  • No turning the soil.
  • No building beds.

The Potting Soil Bag Garden-Phase One

1. Begin by deciding where to put your potting soil garden beds.

2. Go to the gardening center and purchase bags of potting soil. Buy as many or as few bags as you desire.  If you can lift it, buy the large bags. If you have to get the smaller ones, it will still work. You can just have smaller beds, or you can line the smaller bags side by side or end to end to make larger beds.

3. Just carry the bags to your intended beds and lay them down. You do not have to remove the grass or dig the soil underneath. The bag will kill the grass over the growing season.

4. Cut around the top upper side of the bag and and remove the plastic. With a screwdriver or a knife punch quite a few holes in the bottom of the bag, the side laying on the ground. Just punch right through the soil. This provides drainage for the plants.

It couldn't be easier!

Ready To Plant

The best vegetables for these bags are those without deep roots. Carrots are probably not ideal.   Excellent for the potting soil bag garden:

  •  lettuce or all kinds
  •  spinach
  •  radishes
  • little green onions
  • green peas
  • tomatoes with a trellis stuck in the bag over the plant
  • cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower 
  • peppers of all kinds
  • eggplant

Making Your Bag Gardens Into Permanent Beds: Phase 2

  1. When this season is over and all the harvesting is done, you will remove the bags.  You can dig the potting soil into your garden soil if you wish. The bags will have killed the grass that was under it. So it should not be too hard to do.
  2. In the fall after harvest, or in the spring, dig a shallow trench around the turned earth. Make the bed from untreated wood, rocks, cinder blocks or whatever you want to use. If you do this in the fall, put compost and peat moss or dead leaves on the beds and let them sit until spring. In the spring you are ready to plant your favorite vegetables in your new raised bed garden.


If you wish, you can build more raised beds each year with new bags of soil.

Vegetable planting guide for your bag garden.

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