The Amazing Wood Pallet Garden

I found this unique wood pallet fence and planter at a friend's house in California.

 A raised bed garden, built with pallets, was constructed at the corner of the porch. The fence attached to it rambled downhill around the yard. 

 How The Triangle Corner Bed Was Built

  • The  planter off the corner of the porch is a triangle shape about six feet long. 
  • The walls were constructed of two-sided pallets  
  • Boards were added so that the sides were solid with no gaps. (See photos of pallets at bottom of page.)
  • The tops were open with soil added. 
  • The inside of the bed was filled as one would fill a keyhole garden; fill it about half full with materials that will decompose, such as old newspapers, untreated lumber, yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves and tree branches.
  •  Put your good soil on that.
  • Any vegetable will grow in this garden, even tall corn.
  • Potato and other root crops would do fine.
  • Vine crops could be planted and let the vines wonder over the lawn.
  • Tomatoes would be great with marigolds planted in the spaces of the pallets.

The Fence

The pallet was deconstructed as the fence is about a half-pallet tall. The top half has a bottom nailed in. Soil was added and vegetables and flowers were plantedGood soil was put in the bottom rail of the fence and more veggies were planted.

Vegetables suited for the top row of the fence would be lettuce, spinach and other greens, radishes, and green onions. Taller plants such as collard greens, peas and beans would be great for the lower row.

This fence appears to be built of double sided pallets. (See photos below.)

A Deck Pallet Planter

This photo was on pintrest. What a wonderful idea!

Wood Pallet Building Blocks

These unique building blocks come in different configurations. The one-sided stack to the right is made with three heavy posts, probably 4 X 4 inches, as the base. Crosswise to that are nailed three 1 X 4 boards,one on each end and one in the middle. Then lengthwise again are five boards. The dimensions of the complete pallet are about 39X48 inches.

The left pallet is different. The support bars are thinner. Narrower, thinner boards are nailed to both sides, perpendicular to the base.

Whatever the configuration of your find, you can cut and rearrange the pallets to suit your plan.

More wood pallet ideas. 

What have you built with wood pallets? Share your ideas.

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